• Guidelines

    Ads are run according to the regulations below. Please read through this page to get a better understanding of Ads. For more specific information, please read through the sub-pages that relate to the type of ad you would like to submit.For more information on how to make an Ad, visit our Create an Ad section.

    All Ads:

    • Only JHU affiliated groups are allowed to display ads.
    • There is no charge for this service to JHU organizations.
    • Requests will be taken on a first come, first served basis and scheduled based on availability.
    • The ad MUST be submitted at least five (5) working days prior to the preferred posting date. If advertisement is not received by the deadline, it is possible your ad may not run.
    • Ads may run for the maximum of ten (10) days but may not run past the event date.
    • JHU organizations must submit the static ad (750 characters maximum) or dynamic ad that they wish to display.
    • JHU reserves the right to deny any request for display or remove or refuse any ad that does not adhere to the guidelines or is deemed inappropriate. JHU will notify the submitter so that, if possible they may change and resubmit the ad.

    Ads should not contain:

    • false or misleading statements or visual/verbal exaggerations.
    • testimonials that do not reflect the real opinion of the individual(s) involved;
    • price claims that are misleading;
    • claims insufficiently supported or that distort the true meaning or practicable application of statements made by professional or scientific authority;
    • statements, suggestions, or pictures offensive to public decency or minority segments of the population
    • any inappropriate material, including but not limited to promotions of alcohol and tobacco consumption, pornographic displays, nudity, etc.

    Content presented on digital signage should not:

    • infringe the legal rights, including copyrights, rights of privacy and publicity of others;
    • cause any damage or disadvantage to others;
    • disturb public order;
    • reflect a criminal act;
    • present or distribute any third parties’ private information without obtaining approval from such third parties;
    • disgrace others;
    • defame or libel others;
    • offer digital files for access or download that contain viruses or corrupted files that may damage the operation of others’ computers;

    Criteria for Groups Advertising on Ads:

    • JHU Homewood and JHU DC organizations (recognized student organizations and departments) are eligible to advertise for FREE;
      • advertisements must promote the organization or their event;
      • less than 20% of the advertisement may be dedicated to any non-JHU organization affiliated with the event or organization in any way;
        • logos of any non-JHU organization can be no larger than 2″ x 2″ or 144 px by 144px; and
    • advertisements may contain sound if there is dialogue or purpose for sound other than background music. JHU reserves the right to mute any sound as it deems appropriate.

    This website is made available to the university community for the sole purpose of announcing and advertising events and activities to the university community in accord with university policy. Specifically prohibited are 1) unlawful language and images and 2) announcements or advertisements promoting unlawful conduct.

    Adapted from the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA)


    DC Addendum

    • DC network has the right to reject any content deemed inappropriate
    • The DC network will accept Homewood content that is of general interest to DC
    • Carey student submissions are not allowed to use JHU or Johns Hopkins in club titles or the JHU shield , logo or Carey logo without expressed permission from marketing.
    • Submissions should clearly state if an event is only for students of one school or open to all.  Apply standard language


    Current Schools Guidelines for Student Submissions

    Carey Business School (Denise, Bobbie, Ben)


    • printed and electronic communications must be submitted to the Student Services Office for approval before they are published or displayed.
    • Don’t  use JHU or Johns Hopkins in your club title
      • For instance, they may not call themselves JHU Net Impact, but they may call themselves the Net Impact Student Chapter of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.
    • Don’t use the JHU logo, or the Carey logo, without expressed permission from marketing
    • Powerpoint shown to CBS students


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